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VOX’s repertoire is highly eclectic. Concerts encompass a wide spectrum of literature and styles including Hildegard von Bingen’s chant of the 12th century, classical women's choral repertoire, musical theatre, jazz and world folk music. VOX has performed African call and response, gospel music, freedom songs from around the world, Canadian mouth music, calypso, harmonic overtone singing and songs of the Holocaust. VOX sings in multiple languages including English, French, Spanish, German, Bulgarian, Latvian, Hebrew, Latin, Korean, Japanese, Turkish, Basque, and a variety of African languages.

VOX is joined on stage at many concerts by talented guest artists, choruses, actors, and musicians who provide accompaniment on percussion, cello, string bass, flute, handbells, and even an unusual technique called bowed piano. VOX is honored to have commissioned new works independently, and in cooperation with other choruses. The organization is committed to giving life to existing works and providing opportunities for living composers.

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